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Cooking Pheasant 101: Do Not Over Cook

I must of spent 10 years eating disgusting pheasant, then 5 more, trying to hide it in the freezer from my husband so he wouldn't attempt to cook it himself (Sorry honey it was just plain bad). I tried many different recipes, but they all had one thing in common, a long cooking time. I… Continue reading Cooking Pheasant 101: Do Not Over Cook

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Pheasant Pizza

Husband went hunting at a game farm = 8 pheasants in the freezer! Pizza is amazing! Pheasant +Pizza = a dream OK, I have to explain. Pheasant is healthy.  So are veggies, Pizza is wonderful. Enough said. One more comment, "I could live off pizza". That's all. Here is my recipe. Pheasant Pizza One recipe… Continue reading Pheasant Pizza