Vanilla Bourbon Venison

Pheasant Fest 2020 Minneapolis Tender venison with vanilla bourbon glaze Have a “Wild” Valentine’s Day This year I will be cooking up something very different for Valentine’s Day—pheasant. In fact, I will be cooking wild game all weekend.  I was invited back to the Wild Game Cooking Stage at the National Pheasants Forever Pheasant Fest.… Continue reading Vanilla Bourbon Venison

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Wild Game Sliders

Lessons in Cooking Wild Game: Wild Game Sliders I have been cooking wild game for years. I do enjoy eating all kinds of game meats. I also love the health benefits from wild game. But, even I forget sometimes, that wild game is not compatible with many traditional recipes that call for beef. This year… Continue reading Wild Game Sliders

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Turkey Vultures, Commodities Markets, and Where’s the Beef?

Last week, I was riding in the car with my husband and a friend, when all of as sudden a giant black bird landed on the road in front of us. My husband and my friend both asked, "what kind of bird is that?" I immediately responded, that it was a turkey vulture, but that… Continue reading Turkey Vultures, Commodities Markets, and Where’s the Beef?


Please Pass the Pasta

  Wisconsin is very far away from the beautiful warm climate of Italy. In fact, if I could sprout wings and fly, it would still be approximately 5,000 miles. Little did the Italians know they would be creating perfect pasta dishes for Midwesterners. Living in the land of frozen everything for 6 months out of… Continue reading Please Pass the Pasta

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Mexican Venison Fajitas…Thinking of Summer

Let me introduce you to the stars of our meal...Limes and a cast iron pan. Fresh veggies make me think of summer. I use a lesser cut of venison steak that I gently poked with a small tines of a fork and I slice it really thin. Then, I let the venison come to room… Continue reading Mexican Venison Fajitas…Thinking of Summer

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Easy Homemade Croutons: More Than Just Salad Toppers

Croutons can make cooking easier not to mention tastier. I use them in many of my wild game dishes. I love them with all kinds of wild game and domestic meats. Homemade croutons are amazing in my pheasant cordon blue and in my luxurious venison meatloaf recipes. You can use the store bought kind, but… Continue reading Easy Homemade Croutons: More Than Just Salad Toppers

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# 9 of Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: Plus 2 Easy Recipes

No. 9 Earthy flavors compliment wild game. When I am creating a new recipe I think about the flavors the game will typically have, kind of like wine tasting or aged cheeses will have undertones, so does wild game. I love to pair wild boar with thyme. When I have an older cut of venison… Continue reading # 9 of Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: Plus 2 Easy Recipes

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First Time Hunter: Bags the Big-Little

I did it. I am a Hunter. This blog is for all the women whose husband's hunt (guys show this to your gals). This post is for anyone who wonders what it's like to hunt. This story is for the new hunter so they can know what to expect. I will post later this week… Continue reading First Time Hunter: Bags the Big-Little