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Sleepless in Wisconsin

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can make us happy, but it's the tiniest things that can make us really crabby. If you had stopped over to our house last week, you would have found a messy home, crabby kids, and no food—and no hospitality! This fall has been painfully busy for our… Continue reading Sleepless in Wisconsin

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Trendy Turkey Soup

Trendy Turkey Soup I recently got my hair cut short. I cut off about 15 inches, which is a big deal for me. I've had long hair for quite a while, about 10 years to be exact. Even my hair dresser had a hard time cutting it. I was ready though, in fact I had… Continue reading Trendy Turkey Soup

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Ice Fishing Contest…Blue Gill Chowder

Perfect day for ice fishing. We didn't catch anything other than a tan! Actually, my son Lee, tried to pull a huge northern up out of the hole. It broke the line before he was able to get it out of the water. Oh well, we had a fabulous time any way. Good friends came… Continue reading Ice Fishing Contest…Blue Gill Chowder