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Fixing Freezer Burn

This poor pheasant has been in the freezer too long! Or, and more than likely was hastily wrapped and improperly frozen. I hate waste! So, what do you do now?? The freezer burn turns the meat white. It sucks all the moisture out of the meat. The meat is unusable and cannot be fixed...unless you… Continue reading Fixing Freezer Burn

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Good-bye Pheasant, Hello Fish! Blueberry Pheasant Pie

I’m pulling the last pheasant out of the freezer today. One of the odd signs that spring is here is the depleting meat supply in my freezer. Because Hunting occurs in the fall, wild game takes up half the freezer.  The 4H kids winning cattle entry- meat makes up the other half after the local… Continue reading Good-bye Pheasant, Hello Fish! Blueberry Pheasant Pie