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Mexican Venison Fajitas…Thinking of Summer

Let me introduce you to the stars of our meal...Limes and a cast iron pan. Fresh veggies make me think of summer. I use a lesser cut of venison steak that I gently poked with a small tines of a fork and I slice it really thin. Then, I let the venison come to room… Continue reading Mexican Venison Fajitas…Thinking of Summer

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First Time Hunter: Bags the Big-Little

I did it. I am a Hunter. This blog is for all the women whose husband's hunt (guys show this to your gals). This post is for anyone who wonders what it's like to hunt. This story is for the new hunter so they can know what to expect. I will post later this week… Continue reading First Time Hunter: Bags the Big-Little

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Fixing Freezer Burn

This poor pheasant has been in the freezer too long! Or, and more than likely was hastily wrapped and improperly frozen. I hate waste! So, what do you do now?? The freezer burn turns the meat white. It sucks all the moisture out of the meat. The meat is unusable and cannot be fixed...unless you… Continue reading Fixing Freezer Burn

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Wild Venison Burgundy as seen on Minnesota Bound

  Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me take a month break from posting. I enjoyed a little vacation and some family time. In the mean time, I have created lots of new recipes and I am very excited to share them with you all! But first I have some great news to share. We… Continue reading Wild Venison Burgundy as seen on Minnesota Bound

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Venison Stroganoff

I lost the deer hunting competition this year. Not only did I lose, but so did my husband. The competition was really between the two of us. I forgot that our son Lee was going hunting this year too. I made some pretty big claims but you actually have to go hunting in order to… Continue reading Venison Stroganoff

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Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast

Fall is here...sorta. It's been close to 85 degrees for over a week now!  Really? This is my favorite time of the year! I may have to rethink that global warming thing. I'm ready for the cooler weather. Most of my friends tell me I'm crazy for wanting cold and snow. But just think of… Continue reading Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast

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Road kill for dinner?

My husband has not had the best luck with his new car. We have only had for 2 years and he has left a trail of road kill in his wake. Before that he drove a white 1993 Ford conversion van and yes we bought it new in 1993. Not once during those 16 years… Continue reading Road kill for dinner?

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Breakfast of Champions…Pheasant Sausage!

What could be healthier? Fresh and natural pheasant made into breakfast sausage. Better for you than any bowl of cereal, pancake and waffles you can buy. Pair the sausage with some eggs and a berry-and-nut smoothie and you have a perfectly "wild" breakfast! The best part is you can make it home-made in minutes with… Continue reading Breakfast of Champions…Pheasant Sausage!