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# 8 of How to Cook Wild Game: Venison Tenderloins

You can cook amazing steaks at the oven! No. 8 Flash cooking 101 - Do not over cook lean cuts of wild game Many of the recipes I started cooking wild game with were like hand me down clothes from an older sibling, a little worn out from over cooking. Many of the recipes… Continue reading # 8 of How to Cook Wild Game: Venison Tenderloins

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Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat

Cool Treats to Beat the Heat There is nothing like an ice-cold treat on a hot summer day. We haven’t had a shortage of hot summer days lately. Our family has been cooking most of our meals on the grill this summer or we skip cooking all together and just have a salad. The thought… Continue reading Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat

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Fixing Freezer Burn

This poor pheasant has been in the freezer too long! Or, and more than likely was hastily wrapped and improperly frozen. I hate waste! So, what do you do now?? The freezer burn turns the meat white. It sucks all the moisture out of the meat. The meat is unusable and cannot be fixed...unless you… Continue reading Fixing Freezer Burn

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Wild Venison Burgundy as seen on Minnesota Bound

  Hello everyone! Thank you for letting me take a month break from posting. I enjoyed a little vacation and some family time. In the mean time, I have created lots of new recipes and I am very excited to share them with you all! But first I have some great news to share. We… Continue reading Wild Venison Burgundy as seen on Minnesota Bound

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New Year Resoultions…Cheers to Smoothies!

Every year, I think about making a New Year resolution. Usually, they are in the realm of self improvements. Apparently, I'm not alone. Many of my Face-Book friends posted their New Year resolutions for everyone to see on their home page. I like the idea of a public proclamations to help keep oneself accountable, but… Continue reading New Year Resoultions…Cheers to Smoothies!

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Venison Stroganoff

I lost the deer hunting competition this year. Not only did I lose, but so did my husband. The competition was really between the two of us. I forgot that our son Lee was going hunting this year too. I made some pretty big claims but you actually have to go hunting in order to… Continue reading Venison Stroganoff


Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

A couple of years ago I roasted two turkeys for Thanksgiving. I put both of them in a brine for about 12 hours. One, I put in a simple bath of 1 cup of kosher salt and one gallons of water.  The other, was with molasses, brown sugar, garlic, onion and many more spices in… Continue reading Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

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Cooking Pheasant 101: Do Not Over Cook

I must of spent 10 years eating disgusting pheasant, then 5 more, trying to hide it in the freezer from my husband so he wouldn't attempt to cook it himself (Sorry honey it was just plain bad). I tried many different recipes, but they all had one thing in common, a long cooking time. I… Continue reading Cooking Pheasant 101: Do Not Over Cook