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Crabby Patties: Midwestern Fish Patties

What do plankton, crabs, starfish, sponges, and an octopus all have in common? They all eat Krabby patties! Okay, maybe I've watched a little too much Sponge Bob (4 kids will do that to you), but it got me thinking; what would a mermaid eat? From most folklore tails, mermaids are beautiful and beautiful creatures… Continue reading Crabby Patties: Midwestern Fish Patties

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Wildly Good Treats: Banana Oatmeal Mini Loaves

I love these pans. They make what ever I bake in them more fall-ish,(My spell check does not like that new word) but it's true. A simple banana bread loaf is ushered into a new realm with the imprint of an acorn or a leaf on it. It only took me once to forget to… Continue reading Wildly Good Treats: Banana Oatmeal Mini Loaves