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Fixing Freezer Burn

This poor pheasant has been in the freezer too long! Or, and more than likely was hastily wrapped and improperly frozen. I hate waste! So, what do you do now?? The freezer burn turns the meat white. It sucks all the moisture out of the meat. The meat is unusable and cannot be fixed...unless you… Continue reading Fixing Freezer Burn

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Teaching Kids How to Cook : Tomato Soup

This is Leo. He is 13. Yup, he is....13. There is so much I could say about being 13. This is my third time being the parent of a 13 year old. One more to go too. Do you feel sorry for me? You should. If you can't relate just read Dr Jekyll and Mr.… Continue reading Teaching Kids How to Cook : Tomato Soup

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Breakfast of Champions…Pheasant Sausage!

What could be healthier? Fresh and natural pheasant made into breakfast sausage. Better for you than any bowl of cereal, pancake and waffles you can buy. Pair the sausage with some eggs and a berry-and-nut smoothie and you have a perfectly "wild" breakfast! The best part is you can make it home-made in minutes with… Continue reading Breakfast of Champions…Pheasant Sausage!