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Fishing Calms Childhood Fears

It was July 26, 1979 and I was eleven years old. I stood on the end of the dock over looking the lake with a fishing pole in my hand. The sun was taking its good old time setting across the lake. I wanted this day to be over. It had been a typical warm… Continue reading Fishing Calms Childhood Fears

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Re-post Potato Love: Simple Roasted Potatoes

I know I posted this not too long ago, but now that fall is here, you can turn the oven on and cook to your hearts content! I am having a small dinner party this weekend and these are on the menu, along with halibut and braised short ribs....two very different things, but the potatoes… Continue reading Re-post Potato Love: Simple Roasted Potatoes

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# 3 of The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: The Turtle and the Hare

She is running to get mama's yummy Bluegill Chowder!! No. 3 Are you a sprinter or a marathoner?- Being in fitness for a large part of my life has helped me gain a better understanding of body composition and how to win a race. It has also helped me be a better cook. My daughter… Continue reading # 3 of The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: The Turtle and the Hare

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Ice Fishing Contest…Blue Gill Chowder

Perfect day for ice fishing. We didn't catch anything other than a tan! Actually, my son Lee, tried to pull a huge northern up out of the hole. It broke the line before he was able to get it out of the water. Oh well, we had a fabulous time any way. Good friends came… Continue reading Ice Fishing Contest…Blue Gill Chowder

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What does chipmunk taste like?

I am trying to think spring! When I arrived in Nebraska on Friday it was 40 degrees. Just heavenly, for someone who spends half of their life stuck living in the coldest zone in the entire continental United States! How quickly it can change and when we left Nebraska it was 10 degrees with wind… Continue reading What does chipmunk taste like?