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Venison Stroganoff

I lost the deer hunting competition this year. Not only did I lose, but so did my husband. The competition was really between the two of us. I forgot that our son Lee was going hunting this year too. I made some pretty big claims but you actually have to go hunting in order to… Continue reading Venison Stroganoff

Cooking with Wild Game

Homemade Venison Sauage

My husband I have some of the best neighbors ever! We have had some great times together and at times, we have supported each other though some very difficult life experiences too. Life would not be half as much fun with out good friends. John and his family love good food just about as much… Continue reading Homemade Venison Sauage

Cooking with Wild Game · Recipes

Easy Pheasant Broth

Making broth is easy. Finding the time is another thing. I usually don't like making two things during the dinner hour. I'm already maxed with having young kids helping me or I'm doing double duty as a homework helper. But, I have found a way to make broth relatively simple and when I about¬† think… Continue reading Easy Pheasant Broth

Cooking with Wild Game · Recipes

Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast

Fall is here...sorta. It's been close to 85 degrees for over a week now!¬† Really? This is my favorite time of the year! I may have to rethink that global warming thing. I'm ready for the cooler weather. Most of my friends tell me I'm crazy for wanting cold and snow. But just think of… Continue reading Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast