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Wild Game Sliders

Lessons in Cooking Wild Game: Wild Game Sliders I have been cooking wild game for years. I do enjoy eating all kinds of game meats. I also love the health benefits from wild game. But, even I forget sometimes, that wild game is not compatible with many traditional recipes that call for beef. This year… Continue reading Wild Game Sliders

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Turkey Vultures, Commodities Markets, and Where’s the Beef?

Last week, I was riding in the car with my husband and a friend, when all of as sudden a giant black bird landed on the road in front of us. My husband and my friend both asked, "what kind of bird is that?" I immediately responded, that it was a turkey vulture, but that… Continue reading Turkey Vultures, Commodities Markets, and Where’s the Beef?

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German Beef Rolauden Favorite Fall Foods!

This is one of my favorite meals! Served with mashed potatoes and corn souffle! Let fall come! Go away heat...I want to COOK! German Rolauden (Beef Rolls) Serves 6 12 slices of thin cut steak meat (at least 3x6 rectangles) You can always use Venison for this recipe. Be careful when you are cutting the… Continue reading German Beef Rolauden Favorite Fall Foods!

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Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast

Fall is here...sorta. It's been close to 85 degrees for over a week now!  Really? This is my favorite time of the year! I may have to rethink that global warming thing. I'm ready for the cooler weather. Most of my friends tell me I'm crazy for wanting cold and snow. But just think of… Continue reading Fall Comfort Foods: Beef Roast