Cooking Lessons

I love teaching people how to cook and bake. It’s my favorite thing to do.

I grew up with a father that loved to teach me how to do anything. He was one of those super talented guys who could do anything he set his mind too.

When I was a teenager, I asked for a phone in my room (This was when phones were attached to the wall). He handed me a giant roll of telephone wire and said, “go to it.” Same thing happened when the muffler fell off my car when I was 19. He said, “You know where the auto parts store is,” and he handed me the car jack. I wanted to learn how to bake cookies, he bought me a cookbook and spent hours showing and telling me all about the science of flour.

He was always there to answer any question I had and patiently showed me how to feel confident in the kitchen. We made apple pies together, gourmet meringues with lemon curd, homemade breads, and cakes four layers high–all from scratch.

My dear pops passed away on in 2018 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Even, when he was sick he’d still cook dinner with me.

The lessons I teach are fun and very hands on, the way my dad used to teach me.

Want to learn how to make European Style bread? How about homemade cheese? Or, maybe you’d like to spend the day learning many different cooking techniques and make a four course French dinner?

There are some things a cookbook cannot teach you. Touching, smelling, and seeing a recipe is sometimes the only way to learn to cook something. My teaching kitchen has room for up to 12. Lessons can be private or you can sign up for ones that are scheduled throughout the year.

2020 Cooking and Baking Lessons :

2020 National Pheasants Fest and Quail Classic February 14-16, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will be cooking again on the Wild Game Cooking Stage. I am super excited to share some brand new and fun ways to prepare pheasant and venison. All you need is an entrance ticket and you have access to the cooking stage. Plus, there will be other a couple other chefs sharing their recipes, too. You’ll walk away with a load of new wild game recipes!