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Good Moaning: Bake The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good Moaning...yes, I spelled it correctly. My poor kids are up set they did not even get a snow day out of the nasty deal! I can't take it.....another...snow storm! We have them every day now. I usually can be seen sitting on my deck having iced tea...and I guess I still could, I would… Continue reading Good Moaning: Bake The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Curve Balls: Campfire Eggs for Pancake Lovers

You can plan and plan and then plan some more, but life is full of curve balls. You never know when one is coming your way. Our family experienced a curve ball that almost derailed our family vacation to Yellowstone National Park this past summer. We had been looking forward to this vacation for over… Continue reading Curve Balls: Campfire Eggs for Pancake Lovers

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Summer Fun – Log Rolling

I know this has nothing to do with cooking...actually it does. Because if I wasn't in the kitchen cooking I would have never seen my boys trying to log roll. My kitchen window over looks the lake. The neighbors had a tree fall in the lake. They cut it down and left it in the… Continue reading Summer Fun – Log Rolling

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Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener is coming soon!

I can't wait for fishing opener next weekend! Check out this Northern Pike my husband caught off the dock this past Saturday night. This little monster was the biggest fish we had caught in a long time at home. I wish you could have heard our boys screaming as they ran all over the yard… Continue reading Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener is coming soon!

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Swan Soup

I don't like to beĀ  awakened in the middle of the night. After giving birth to 4 children I figured I've put in my time in -in the sleepless nights department. I especially don't like it if it is by someone attempting to play a horrible song on the trumpet at 3 am! Occasionally, as… Continue reading Swan Soup