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Pumpkin soup is for real!

  When my youngest son was in preschool, I made pumpkin soup for the first time. Inspired by a children’s book he had check out from the local library, called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, I decided to try to make my own version of the soup. The story is about three animals (a duck, a… Continue reading Pumpkin soup is for real!

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Sleepless in Wisconsin

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can make us happy, but it's the tiniest things that can make us really crabby. If you had stopped over to our house last week, you would have found a messy home, crabby kids, and no food—and no hospitality! This fall has been painfully busy for our… Continue reading Sleepless in Wisconsin

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Trendy Turkey Soup

Trendy Turkey Soup I recently got my hair cut short. I cut off about 15 inches, which is a big deal for me. I've had long hair for quite a while, about 10 years to be exact. Even my hair dresser had a hard time cutting it. I was ready though, in fact I had… Continue reading Trendy Turkey Soup

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Eating Your way to a Healthy Heart

Eating healthy can be fun... ...if you have a plan and some good recipes. This week on Thursday the 21st at 7:45pm I will be doing a free cooking lesson at Hazelden in Chisago Lakes, Minnesota at the 19th Annual Women’s Health Conference. This year’s theme is: Take Charge of Your Health. Eating healthy can taste good… Continue reading Eating Your way to a Healthy Heart

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# 3 of The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: The Turtle and the Hare

She is running to get mama's yummy Bluegill Chowder!! No. 3 Are you a sprinter or a marathoner?- Being in fitness for a large part of my life has helped me gain a better understanding of body composition and how to win a race. It has also helped me be a better cook. My daughter… Continue reading # 3 of The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game: The Turtle and the Hare