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Lemon Sunshine Cake

Lemon cake is like sunshine on a cloudy day

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Best Chocolate Cake

Month of cakes...winner! The month of cakes February is birthday month at our house. Eight immediate family members have birthdays. Plus, some close friends too.  My husband's birthday is today, Valentines Day! Happy Birth-Tines Day, honey! We try to condense some of the festivities and celebrate some together or we are celebrating birthdays twice a… Continue reading Best Chocolate Cake

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Pineapple Crumb Cake

May Day Basket Coffee Cake Growing up, I loved May Day. I had a secret admirer who would leave me a May Day basket hanging on the front door to my house. Usually, the basket was made of paper in the shape of a cone. The basket was filled with lilacs, dandelions, and store-bought cookies… Continue reading Pineapple Crumb Cake

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Easy cake recipe to make with kids

Spoiler: Easter is not about bunnies Anyone find it hard to explain Easter to kids? I did. Easter is an extraordinary day. It is the most important Christian event—more significant than Christmas. It’s the day Jesus Christ, the Messiah, rose from the dead. The resurrection. On the third day, Christ rose from the dead after… Continue reading Easy cake recipe to make with kids

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7 Minutes to Healthier Frosting

Oh happy cake day! Okay, stating that frosting is healthy may be a little over the top, but there is one frosting that does stand out above the rest. Move over butter cream, there's a new (old) frosting in town. Since I can remember my family has baked their own cakes. In fact, my parents… Continue reading 7 Minutes to Healthier Frosting

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The Best Cakes Ever: Perfect Balance of Salty & Sweet

I know...I'm crazy....Crazy for cake! Left over cake is....a true test of my will power. Few things can derail me. The only thing that beats cake is my husband sweet talking to me (I'm afraid, that I will never get over). Cake is a close second. Coming in at a close third is bed time.… Continue reading The Best Cakes Ever: Perfect Balance of Salty & Sweet

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Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat

Cool Treats to Beat the Heat There is nothing like an ice-cold treat on a hot summer day. We haven’t had a shortage of hot summer days lately. Our family has been cooking most of our meals on the grill this summer or we skip cooking all together and just have a salad. The thought… Continue reading Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat


Oktoberfest Menu Available! Plus a Recipe for My Spice Cake

It's that time of the year again! Fall! The best time if you ask me. My German blood is flowing this time of year and I have lots planned! Check out our New Fall Catering Menu! For all you German Folk! This is one of our busiest times of the year! WellBeing Kitchen Catering Oktoberfest… Continue reading Oktoberfest Menu Available! Plus a Recipe for My Spice Cake