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Lemon Sunshine Cake

Lemon cake is like sunshine on a cloudy day

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Top 10 Etiquette Rules for Business Meals

Last week, I had the privilege of interviewing some college students who were at an etiquette dinner. I had seen the posters around the UW-River Falls campus and I was curious to see for myself, if young people were interested or if proper etiquette was even on their radar. Not only are students interested, some… Continue reading Top 10 Etiquette Rules for Business Meals

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Fun with Creepy Crawly Lake Monsters put that thing back! This is the biggest one our son, George has every caught! His first gift to a girl...sort of. We had some friends from China over and they were thrilled this these creatures.I am truly amazed at these fearless little girls! Half of George's friends won't even pick these up! I… Continue reading Fun with Creepy Crawly Lake Monsters

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Good Moaning: Bake The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good Moaning...yes, I spelled it correctly. My poor kids are up set they did not even get a snow day out of the nasty deal! I can't take it.....another...snow storm! We have them every day now. I usually can be seen sitting on my deck having iced tea...and I guess I still could, I would… Continue reading Good Moaning: Bake The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Good Morning Negative -16 Below Zero and Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Despite freezing temps that cause your limbs to fall off after 30 minutes of exposure, there still is beauty in the cold. Beautiful sunrises.... bubble baths... ...Warm fires.... ...and really good food....Inside out grilled cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it... Everything is perspective. Do you see the things you can't do… Continue reading Good Morning Negative -16 Below Zero and Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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Blog and Job Update…..

It's official, my catering business is closed. We went out with a bang. More jobs than we could handle. That means I can dedicate more time to creating recipes and writing. I now write two separate food columns. Phew! I want to apologize for not blogging lately. I am having ugly computer problems. I hope… Continue reading Blog and Job Update…..

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Wisconsin Deer Opener

I'm all ready for my very first deer hunt on my own. Yes, I'm going by myself. I have my new gun sited in, my license purchased, and fresh made deer hunting breakfast cookies. These cookies rock! They are filled with 5 different kinds of cereal, nuts and healthy oils. Honestly, I'm super nervous to… Continue reading Wisconsin Deer Opener

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New Year Resoultions…Cheers to Smoothies!

Every year, I think about making a New Year resolution. Usually, they are in the realm of self improvements. Apparently, I'm not alone. Many of my Face-Book friends posted their New Year resolutions for everyone to see on their home page. I like the idea of a public proclamations to help keep oneself accountable, but… Continue reading New Year Resoultions…Cheers to Smoothies!