Me and my family

Welcome! A long time ago I was city slicker—high heels, fancy dinners, afraid of a little mouse—type! I left the city in 1997 when my husband wanted a job in the country. At first, I was super lonely living 9.2 miles from the nearest town. I missed my favorite restaurants and eating fabulous gourmet food that you can only get in the big city. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started cooking the things I missed and created new recipes using the wild game my husband was hunting. Today, I spend most of my time creating new recipes and writing about them. The recipes on this site reflect myself and the changes I’ve went through as a mother, wife and hunter. Here you will find REAL unpretentious recipes that reasonable to cook and they have been thoughtfully tested with the understanding that life is busy!

What you will find on this Blog:

  • Lots of wild game recipes. Pheasant and venison are big deal in my family.
  • Lots of “tame” recipes. I will eat anything except cilantro—it tastes like poison to me!
  • Recipes that have been tested and you will be able to recreate with my simple directions.
  • Health, history and fun facts about what you are eating. The more educated we are the better decisions for our health we make. Plus, I’m a food science junky!!
  • Menus and ideas for special occasions.
  • Stories about food and how it makes us feel. For example, I love when I smell pfeffernusse cookies I instantly think of my grandmother and I’m transported back to her kitchen! I miss her, sniff…

Q’s I get frequently asked

Did you go to school to chefs school? No. I have self-taught myself how to cook, bake and even fire roast. I owned a catering company and worked in the food industry for many years. I am currently finishing a degree in journalism with a minor in food science through the University of Wisconsin.

Do you take your own photos? Yes. I am still learning how to use my camera, which is a Nikon D3200. Nothing too crazy $$ here.

Do you create all of your own recipes? No. Most are my own, but sometimes other people have already created a recipe or a recipe is common knowledge (i.e., pie crust or short bread). If I use someone else’s recipe for an adaptation, you will find attributions attached to each recipe whether it is on my blog or in my weekly food column.

Can I contact you? Yes. If you are asking about a recipe, please do so in the comment section of the recipe you are inquiring about. If you have general question or would like me speak to your group, please fill out the contact form and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Do you still teach cooking classes? Yes. There is a small process to go through if you are interested in having me teach on location. Contact me through the contact form.

Do you still cater? No. At this time, I have hung up my catering hat and apron. I have been known to do a VERY special occasion here or there.

Do you have a cookbook yet? I wish. With the internet and free recipes floating across the land, it’s hard to make it worth my while. I’d love to hear if you think I should write one. Help me change my mind!

Do I know you from somewhere? Were you on TV? Yes. I was Minnesota Bound’s wild game cooking host for two and half years. I also did some morning cooking news spots.