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Summer BBQ’s: Perfect Burgers

Perfect outside meal!
The perfect outside meal!

What constitutes a summer BBQ?

Last week we finally had a warm summery day. I had my heart set on grilling outside. The boys and I had a huge craving for grilled burgers smeared with Boursin cheese, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and bacon. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a freshly grilled burger and something ice-cold to drink!

My sons and I shaped the burgers and got the cheeses ready and fried the bacon and onions. We placed everything on a tray and carried it outside to the grill on the deck. We set the table and poured our ice-cold drinks. We had had a long day of hard work and wanted to have everything just perfect before we started cooking so we could enjoy the rest of the night.

I asked one of the boys to go light the grill while I was cleaning up from cooking the bacon. He came back dejected and said the grill wouldn’t light. I’m sure you can guess what happened. The propane was out. For a moment my heart sank and I thought I would have to cook the burgers in a fry pan in the house. Both of the boys were so disappointed I was determined to find a way to cook these burgers outside just to see them smile. That’s when I remembered my camping cook stove!

I’m sure many of you can relate to this scenario too. I can remember more times than I’d like to over the years, when I had gone out to light the grill and the propane was out. When you live in the country it’s not always an easy task to run to the store and buy more propane. It takes a long time and really is super inconvenient when you have company standing there looking at you like they are going to stave if they didn’t eat in the next 10 minutes. I have learned to have a spare tank around for those “oops” embarrassing moments. Unfortunately, this time the spare tank of propane was nowhere to be seen.

I put the camping stove on a table outside and heated it up and looked up at smiles on my boys’ faces. They didn’t care if the burgers where cooked on the grill or a camp stove they just wanted to cook outside. We fried up the burgers and continued on with our outdoor meal as if nothing had gone wrong. My sons inhaled their burgers and both agreed that they were just as good if they had been cooked on the grill. I was happy.

Cooking outside has its challenges but is well worth it…even if it’s not perfect!

Now where did that spare propane tank go?




Perfectly Grilled or Fried Burgers

4 tablespoons of Boursin garlic and fine herb cheese

4 slices of cheddar cheese

1 onion sliced and sautéed until soft

8 strips of bacon fried until crispy

1 ½ lbs of ground hamburger divided into four patties (preferably at room temp)

Lawyer’s seasoned salt


4 fresh-baked bakery style hamburger buns


Shape the hamburger patties into perfectly round disks with a flat blunt edge that is about ½ inch. Using the palm of your hand, make an indentation in the middle of each burger so the burger is thinner in the middle than the edges. That way the burger will cook evenly and will not lose its shape.

Heat the grill or fry pan until really hot. Place burgers on the grill or pan and sear to seal in juices. Don’t be tempted to move the burger. Once it’s seared it will release from the pan or grill. Reduce heat to medium/ high. Sprinkle the top of the burgers with seasoned salt and pepper. Do not season with any salt ahead of time. Doing so will cause the burgers to lose their juices. Grill for about 3-4 minutes on that side and turn the burgers over. After turning burger to the other side, top each one with a slice of cheddar cheese.

Spread top and the bottom of each bun with Boursin cheese. Place cooked patty on each bun and top with onions and bacon.


We don't care about burgers...for now anyway.
We don’t care about burgers…for now anyway.


3 thoughts on “Summer BBQ’s: Perfect Burgers

  1. Quick thinking on the camp stove, I wouldn’t have thought of it… but I will now, if I run into that situation.

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