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Blog and Job Update…..


It’s official, my catering business is closed. We went out with a bang. More jobs than we could handle. That means I can dedicate more time to creating recipes and writing. I now write two separate food columns. Phew!

I want to apologize for not blogging lately. I am having ugly computer problems. I hope to be back up soon. In the mean time, my posts will be short, because I have to use my droid. Word of advice, keep site admins recorded some where other than the computer. The good news is: I have quite a stock pile of recipes.

Anyone excited to ice fish? The ice is eight inches thick here! Three ice houses on the lake so far.

Coming up ice fishing cookies, side dishes to go with fish, smoked pheasant, pheasant pate, warm soups and stews. Oh, and I wont forget the treat recipes too! They are all easy and you can use either wild game or tame.

Here is a recap of cookie & baking, catering style over the last month. Few, it’s over. My catering business just about killed me! Thanks to everyone’s hard work over the last eight years. Thanks to my family for putting up with mom’s horrible hours. Friends for helping from time to time. I will miss it but looking forward to new endeavors.







I am blessed to be able to write for a living now!

Again thank you to everyone, especially Mr. Erickson-you are the best!

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