Life lessons · Wild and crazy Wisconsin

Wisconsin Deer Opener


I’m all ready for my very first deer hunt on my own. Yes, I’m going by myself.

I have my new gun sited in, my license purchased, and fresh made deer hunting breakfast cookies.


These cookies rock! They are filled with 5 different kinds of cereal, nuts and healthy oils.


Honestly, I’m super nervous to hunt alone. I’m not nervous about being alone, but gutting the deer freaks me out. I’ve never even seen it done let alone actually have to do this myself…what in the world am I turning into? I keep telling myself, It’s just a very big fish, because I can filet a fish. Right…big fish?

Most of…okay, “ALL” of my girl friends think I’m nuts. I’m not nuts, I just want to know how to take care of myself. I want to appreciate life on a deeper level. I want to fully feel the sacredness of where my food comes from. I am blessed to have the freedom to hunt. Life is good…thank you Lord!

Super big thank you to Jarchows for letting me hunt on their land.

Be sure and stop back and see if I am able and was willing to shoot. Any way it turns out will be good for me.

Cookie recipe to follow shortly.

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