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# 2 Of Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game

Pheasant is so good and easy to cook!

baked pheasant


In some cases target practice optional, in others mandatory

Have you ever bitten in to a BB? If you have it will definitely make you more cautious the next time you eat a game bird. Or pulled a wild (any hair is bad, wild or not) hair or feather from your elegantly prepare dish? Things like this can be avoided by properly dressing or shooting game.

I have been telling my boys for years if you don’t have a good shot, don’t shoot. One bad shot can ruin the whole animal. When I was young it didn’t know that a bad shot to a deer can alter the taste of the meat, not to mention the damage it does.

I take the time to carefully run my fingers though game birds, feeling for BBs. If I can see the entry point of a BB, I will take the time to find it so dear old Grandpa (I have to put myself in this category now..ugh, I’m getting old too!) doesn’t crack a tooth and spoil the whole dinner for everyone.

Bad field dressing is another way to spoil your game or even make it dangerous. With the reality of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) it is crucial you and your youngsters understand how to properly field dress and process your own large game meat.

Take these simple common sense precautions.

  • If the animal appears sick do NOT shoot it!
  • Do not eat or cut into the brain or spinal column when field dressing and processing large game
  • If removing the antlers, use a special saw designated just for that task and dispose of the blade.
  • Remove all internal organs, including lymph nodes and the spleen.
  • Thoroughly wash and sterilize your knives before cutting the meat after field dressing large game.

Cooking pheasantThis little pheasant was just beautiful and beautifully shot…is that possible to say? Do I sound cruel?

This dish really is as easy as it looks. Butter, salt, pepper, apple, onion, butter, bacon and bake.

Cooking pheasantAdding some fat back in will be part of # 3. Pheasant is super lean, like most wild game.

Foil wrapped pheasantA little bacon to protect the breast from burning and add a little more flavor to our Apple Roasted Pheasant. I wrap the whole thing, pan and all. Locks in all that goodness. Unwrap the bird for the last few minutes of baking to brown for some delicious golden brown color.

pheasantWow, dinner is going to be easy and fabulous!

For the full recipe, click here 

What’s for dessert?

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