Cooking with Wild Game

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Cooking Wild Game

This is me shooting a muzzle loader. That baby’s got some bad A… Kick! Loud too! And yes, I hit my target, about 80 yards out.

Muzzle shooting

The hunt is on. I heard from many hunters this past weekend who were able to conquer the beast and now have a freezer full of  Venison, Pheasant or even Duck!  Lucky ducks! I am still working with a very dwindled supply of….nothing! It’s really hard to be creative with thin air. O- hunter husband and hunter sons, withered is my supply.

This will be the first in a series of ten things everyone should know about cooking wild game. This is for you- you who hunt and do not eat, and especially to the ones stuck cooking what the hunter drags home(that’s mostly me…dare I say, all me..I have a hard time admitting that for some reason). Cooking wild game is easy and fun. OK, that was a flat-out fib. It is easier to go to the grocery store and buy a doped up poorly fed slab of meat (why does it have to taste so good), but is that what’s best for us?

That brings me to the first and the most important point about wild game; it is one of the healthiest foods available! If you tune out after this point, I will still be happy you read this far. Here we go…


Wild game is one of the healthiest foods on earth

A new friend recently shared with me, that her sister had moved to Alaska a year ago and was now 30 pounds lighter. She had asked her sister what new diet she was on. Her sister replied, “None we just added wild game (caribou) and wild Alaskan salmon to our diet.” That’s the easiest diet I’ve ever heard of!

Our Paleolithic ancestors were lean mean fighting machines. They had to be in order to survive! Wild game has one of the best sources of omega-3. In fact, wild game can have up to two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids than animals feed gain only diets. Studies have shown that when animal eats what they were designed to eat, it’s healthier and they pass those benefits on to us as well.

Eating the right kinds of fats can turn off our internal fat storing mechanism. While I could go on and on listing all the crucial vitamins and minerals wild game offers here, but all I needed to convince me( and possibly you too), was the fact that they are also not injected with antibiotics, hormones, steroids and other toxins that are commonly found in confined animal feeding operations.

Remember, wild game is always the healthier choice. We have been eating it since the beginning of time. Super markets full of prepackaged, fat laden, cholesterol spiking, and artery clogging foods didn’t even exist 75 years ago. Wild game has helped us survive for thousands of years. “It’s a no brainer ma,” as my first born often touts.

There that wasn’t so bad! Now be sure and check out my recipe for Blueberry Pheasant Pie!

Be sure and stop back on Friday for my next tip, #2! Plus, what kinds of foods do you take with you while your hunting all day? The un-stinky kinds!

Muzzle loader shooting practice

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