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Ice Cream Treats to Beat the Heat

…Waffles!… Just add ice cream!

Cool Treats to Beat the Heat

There is nothing like an ice-cold treat on a hot summer day. We haven’t had a shortage of hot summer days lately. Our family has been cooking most of our meals on the grill this summer or we skip cooking all together and just have a salad. The thought of turning on the oven while the air conditioner is working over time is out of the question. One look at our electric bill was all I needed to remind me to keep the oven off!

High summer temps cool my appetite and my love of baked desserts. I have had to become creative, considering most delicious treats come from the oven. Luckily, my family is always game for trying new things, especially if the word dessert is in the equation.

Our newest dessert creation is an adaptation to a waffle my 19-year-old son created for breakfast at college this past year. I still haven’t figured out why they would offer ice cream for breakfast to college kids. I now understand where the freshman 15 comes from.

All three of these treats are very simple but add a little elegance to ice cream. The best part is you don’t have to turn the oven on!

Ice Cream Waffle Sundays

4 waffles (I have even poured cake mix in my waffle iron to make chocolate waffles)

4 scoops of ice cream

Hot fudge

Whipped cream

4 maraschino cherries with the stems

In 4 small bowls scoop ice cream. Wedge cooked, but still warm waffles into ice cream and top with hot fudge and a cherry.

A tasty adaptation: Substitute maple syrup for the hot fudge, top with sliced bananas and toasted walnuts (my favorite!)

Ice cream stuffed Croissants

4 fresh croissants

4 scoops of ice cream

Fresh berries

¼ cup black berry jam mixed with 1 tablespoon of cold water (mix until smooth)

Whipped cream

Slice each croissant along the side and fill with one scoop of ice cream. Spoon jam mixture over the top of each croissant, dollop with whipped cream, and top with fresh berries.

Dark Ice Dream Cake

28 crushed Oreo cookies, plus more for the top

¼ cup of melted butter

½ gallon vanilla ice cream (softened slightly)

Hot fudge (recipe follows)

Whipped cream

In a large bowl, melt butter. Add crushed Oreo and stir to coat with butter. Pour cookies into a 9×13 pan and press cookies firmly into the bottom of the pan. Freeze for about ½ hour or until firm. Spread ice cream over frozen cookies and freeze. Pour cold hot fudge over the top and freeze until ready to serve. Just before serving, spread whipped cream over the top with more Oreo cookies.

Hot Fudge

1 cup of sugar

4 oz of evaporated milk

4 oz of semi sweet chocolate chips

6 tablespoons of butter

1 tsp of vanilla

Mix all ingredients in small sauce pan and cook over low heat until all sugar is dissolved. Cool and serve.

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