Cooking with Wild Game

Fixing Freezer Burn

How to fix freezer burn
Freezer burn. Yuck!

This poor pheasant has been in the freezer too long! Or, and more than likely was hastily wrapped and improperly frozen. I hate waste! So, what do you do now??

The freezer burn turns the meat white. It sucks all the moisture out of the meat. The meat is unusable and cannot be fixed…unless you like shoe leather for dinner.

I found an easy way to remove the freezer burn with out wasting the meat that is still fine.

How to fix freezer burn
One of my favorite kitchen tools!

This works like a charm. I can cut off the meat in one thin layer. The electric knife leaves the good meat behind and takes the top freezer burned layer off.

freezer burn
Easy peezy!

Okay people, time to clean out the freezer and get ready to fill it with ice cream and Popsicle! It’s going to be a hot summer!

I would love to hear from you. How much meat do you have left in your freezer?

Coming up next, how to properly wrap meats for the freezer.

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