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Teaching Kids How to Cook : Tomato Soup

Teaching kids how to cook
Leo is finally excited to cook!!!

This is Leo. He is 13. Yup, he is….13. There is so much I could say about being 13. This is my third time being the parent of a 13 year old. One more to go too. Do you feel sorry for me? You should. If you can’t relate just read Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That’s about as similar to parenting a 13 year old as I can think of.  It doesn’t matter whether they are a boy or a girl, different, yes, but still the same. I can even remember when I was 13. I was all feet and was given the nick name klutz. Now, Leo is no where near being a klutz, he is about as agile as the come. Gifted at sports and loves anything that involves life threatening danger. But, he hates to cook and I have made it my challenge to create a spark of interest. All last year and this summer I have be trying to sneak in subtle ways of creating an interest in cooking. This is important to me because I know that by teaching kids to cook they are more likley to eat healthy for their entire life time!

We read about food, we went to exotic food shops, we created healthy food snacks, I bought fun cook books and put them on the coffee table, I made it a point to talk about the benefits of healthy ingredients, I thought of trying everything, except having him recreate the foods he loves. Duuuhhhhh! I can’t belive I couldn’t see this. Yes kids, I admit it, I don’t know everything.

Lee loves tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Teaching kids to cook
I was in shock. He even enjoyed wafting the smell of it cooking.

I still can believe it. I will even tell you the soup was not the best we have ever made but he loved it and ate it because he made it!!!! Yippee!!!

I won’t even post a recipe. Go to and get hers. It will be better.

What to do with tomatoes?
Start with growing your own tomatoes, then roast them.

The only reason we made tomato soup was because I had a major surplus of garden tomatoes.  Here is my recipe for roasted tomatoes. This recipe is super easy too.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

4 sliced tomatoes

Kosher salt

olive oil

Slice all your tomatoes the same thickness. Line the slices on a baking sheet greased with oilive oil. Sprinkle with salt and more olive oil and bake for 1 hour at 350. Watch them carefully and if they are cooking to fast, take them out or lower the oven temp. You want them to look dry and darker red but not browned.

I suggest adding them to any recipe you are making, like spaghetti, sloppy-Joes, and chili. The flavor of the tomatoes will be more pronounced. You could even try this with canned tomatoes.

Cooking wild caught fish
He will be cooking his own fish from now on!

I am so excited to see him cook with his own wild game he caught.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Kids How to Cook : Tomato Soup

    1. Glad you think so too! By teaching kids to cook, they get excited about creating food rather than just consuming it. We just might even have a healthier generation of young people in the future if we change our focus from fast to fun.

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