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World’s Easiest Venison Recipe

Cooking venison over a open pit fire
Taking a few outdoor cooking pointers from an expert

I attended a hunting expo with my boys a few days ago. We had a blast! I kicked both their butts in the pellet gun target shooting and target shooting with a 243 rifle. I was quite proud of myself. George(10) whooped my tootie in archery and Leo(13) kicked my butt in clay pigeons.

Shooting old fashion muzzle loaders
Look at the smoke from that muzzle loader!

I even did fairly well in shooting with a muzzle loader gun that was much older than me. Only missed one target and we don’t have to tell anyone it was the size of a bear. For the record, I hit the one the size of a rabbit!

Here is my pellet target sheet. I even made a smiley face for the older guy who was sitting at the station. I had to show my boys their mom was fully capable of hunting too. It’s hard to impress hunters who are 75 year old men! Almost as hard as to impress teenage boys too. What does a women have to do??

Target practice
Mine is on the right…see the smiley face?

This gentleman was showing me how to cook over an open fire. He made the grate out some old grate from a shut down dairy plant.The recipe is super easy and good! He was so proud that I would even taste it. I’m surprise more people wouldn’t even try it. I have my work cut out from me, if even people where I live won’t even try venison, how will I get my city friends? This is one of my missions! Wild game is so healthy for you! Come on and try it.

Cooking with venison over an open fire
Smells so good! Leo is begging for a taste

OK, I  know I’ve been rambling on when most of you here to read my blog are just looking for a recipe. Here it is. It’s short so I’ve high lighted it. You don’t want to miss it.

Roasted Venison (open pit fire or not)

3-4 pounds of venison meat

1 can of Coke or Pepsi

Salt and pepper

Cover and roast over moderate heat for 1 1/2 -3 hours until tender. That was his recipe. nothing else. I have tasted variations of this. You can add seasoned salt or a packet of dry onion soup mix. Or if you are feeling adventurous, I have seen it made with dry onion soup mix and a can of cranberries too. Just dump it all in and cook. You will be suprised….it really is good! Serve with mashed potatoes because it makes a nice gravy.

It’s a far cry from my beloved French cooking but it works!! If you don’t have venison it works just as well with roast beef.

OK now, time use up all that old venison in the freezer from last year. Time to make room for the new bounty that is coming.

I want to hear from you guys on this one…what did you think?

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