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Red-necK Sushi

Birthday Sushi
Me and my Boys…miss my girl!

I’ve never made sushi myself and for my birthday dinner, I thought I’d give it a try. I figured having it as the main meal for my birthday would stymie the comments from my children if they didn’t like it. They love salmon, shrimp, and rice so how bad could it be? What I mean is, how bad could the comments be from my children. They are not big fans of sushi. They all tried it on a cruise once, a long time ago. I know my two youngest thought it was a dessert -sitting all pretty on the buffet line. They were completely surprised that some thing could look so cute and taste so horrible (expecting sweet and getting fish…yuck). I can see their point. I remember, recently taking a huge gulp of what I thought was water and I immediately realized it was sprite. My mind was expecting water and it made the sprite taste like poison.

Yes, red-necks eat Sushi!

I also made some pheasant and my friend made a lovely barley risotto. We had tons of food. It was a perfect night filled with tons of food for a foodie!

Making home-made sushi
Easy as 12 3

The kids still hate sushi. Davids loves it, but he is from Taiwan (our foreign exchange student). They now love pheasant even more and next time, when I’m serving something a little questionable for their immature taste buds, I will remember to add something I know they hate. That way, whatever I am serving will taste all the better!

First round at making sushi

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