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Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener is coming soon!

Happy man and his fish
Catch of the year!

I can’t wait for fishing opener next weekend! Check out this Northern Pike my husband caught off the dock this past Saturday night. This little monster was the biggest fish we had caught in a long time at home. I wish you could have heard our boys screaming as they ran all over the yard looking for our big fishing net! We all stood on the dock hanging on to each other as we all jockeyed for a glimpse of the beast. My husband slowly reeled him in and slowly skimmed the net under the beast, my boys began screaming for me to run get the camera. After an award winning run for the camera, we all settled down and took a few photos of the Erickson’s version of Moby Dick, we released him back in to the lake and watched him quickly swim away. Most, he high tailed it out of here  from all the screamimg. Note to children: leave the fishing nets in the boat house or in the boat! Note to self: buy a bigger dock!

Catch and release
Catch and release


We catch lots of sunfish and crappies. They taste great. Some would argue that Northern Pike are not as good, but I would disagree. They taste great, but you do have to be careful with all the bones.

I have some new Ideas cooking (no pun intended) on preparing and grilling fish for this summer. We usually fry our crappies and sunfish in butter or olive oil, with a little salt and pepper because they are so good they don’t need anything else! But this year we are moving to the grill! I just ordered a new fish steamer made by Nordic Ware for The WellBeing Kitchen Store that I am super excited about! You put the fish and the veggies in it and cook it on the grill. I will be sure and let you know when it comes in.

Growing up we had a big fish fry every Saturday night at the cabin. I am hoping to follow that tradition starting this year but with a healthier twist.

Be sure and stop back to watch my test runs with bass, walleye, crappies, sunfish, and northern with the new fish steamer. I’ll also show you the fry pan and butter method too! I just need the fishing opener to come fast.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener is coming soon!

  1. nothing beats “BEER BATTER” Good and healthy is great but what about some of us that love that deep fried flavor of walleyes and panfish MMMMMMM!

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