Craving Cake

Some days I just want cake. Good cake.

I'll take 2 please

I’m a cake person. It’s my treat of choice. Cake is beautiful to look at. It smells wonderful and the taste well it’s heavenly.

Peanut lovers delight
...and you thought a Reeses couldn't get any better?

Some would say that chocolate chip cookies are the best. No way! They all look the same. Granted they smell and taste good. But their curb appeal is lacking!

Oreo cup cakes
Could I get a side of cookies and cream ice cream with that?

Check these out. Are you drooling yet? Tell me which is your favorite?

camp fire cup cakes
..give me smore please?

Sorry if I’m causing you to get off track with the diet. Just one more…

Chocolate lover's delights
Chocolate truffle dream cakes..or..lemon...or can't decide!

Okay, I’m done.

I Love Cake!

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