Green Smoothies

Spinach Smoothies
Sister eat your spinach!

I love green smoothies for more than one reason. They are extremely healthy they taste great. When I finish drinking one I know I have put possible the best fuel I could find into my body. Knowing that, I’m free of my brain reminding me, “hey you ate like crap today and its only 8am.” Plus, I feel a million times better. I’m not bogged down after I have eaten a carb loaded bowl of sugary glop. Or, I’m not hungry again in less than 30 minutes.

My Sister does not like my green smoothies.

The best sister in the whole world
My favorite Sister and her husband

The reason I know she does not like them is because she can’t even fathom putting spinach in with fruit and yogurt. To her veggies go with veggies and fruit goes with fruit. But, I’m telling you they are the best! Hey sissy, just try, it you”ll like it. Just trust me!

Trust me. She has heard those words coming from me before. Granted, I did lead her astray on occasion, being the older and wiser sister. Maybe, I promised her she could jump as far as I could from the dresser to the bed if she tried really hard (scars and stitches prove otherwise). Maybe, I told her not to tell mom and dad more than once (cattails on the rear-end don’t feel so great)? Maybe, I told her to pet the neighbors cat knowing she was very allergic to cats. But that’s when we were young! We are old and wise now.

So sissy, again I say trust me! You can’t even taste the spinach. The peaches and mango are the stars here. You know I love you!

Green Smoothies

2 cups yogurt(plain or vanilla flavored)

2 cups frozen sliced peaches

1 cup frozen mango

1-2 cups fresh spinach

1-2 cups of milk(dairy, soy, rice, or almond)

Place all ingredients in a blender and slowly pulse until all of the spinach is incorporated and the smoothie has a beautiful green color to it. Feel free to add more milk to get the desired consistence you like.

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