Cooking with Wild Game

Friends from Pheasant Fest

Just a quick hello to all my friends from pheasant fest -I hope you enjoy my new blog! You will find all the great recipes I demonstrated on the wild game cooking stage here. I am working on putting together a recipe index, until then you can look back and find them as there were posted over the last week or so. There are more to come so keep checking back.


4 thoughts on “Friends from Pheasant Fest

  1. Enjoyed your demonstrations at Pheasant Fest, and left my email address expecting to receive recipes as promised. We don’t do Facebook, Twitter or other on-line sites. Hopefully, you’ll forward your recipes to our email address. Thank you.

  2. After my previous comments, I did some playing around on this site and found the Spicy Almond Pheasant Soup recipe that was so good at the show. No need to send via email now. Again, thanks!

  3. Hi Sharon – I’m glad you found the Pheasant soup recipe. It’s one of my favorites too! I sent everyone to my current blog site so they would be able to check back and find more recipes other than the ones I created for Pheasant Fest. If you need any help with recipes or wild game you know where to find me. -Lisa

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