Cooking with Wild Game

I’m an Irish, French, German, Jewish…French Candaian Indian??


It’s true. I’m all those things and probably more. It gives me an Idea.  A crazy Idea, one that I’m not even sure I can do. I’m going to need some serious feedback people….and encouragement!!


My publisher at the Valley Wire, where I write a food column, sent me my deadline email and at the end he said, he saw the movie Julie and Julia and how funny it was. Well, I’m not trying to be funny but, being a health-nut I try to eat lots of wild game, nuts berries, and things from the land. Things you forage for, not farm. Think fern fronds and mushrooms, wild rice or dandelion greens. I had this thought, what if I ate my way through my Native American Indian Cookbook?


Everyone would know just what Burning nettles would taste like and If they burn going down or what acorn bread and pancakes taste like. How about smoked eel stew? Or, Old fashioned cooked Raccoon – ok I’m scaring myself now. These recipes are real and have been eaten for hundreds of years. Just think I would know how to live off the land. I would never be afraid to get lost in the BWCA again. I would live up to my title of hick, according to Griffin, my son’s city-slicker friend.


I might have a hard time finding some of these things or if they are even legal to hunt anymore? I think I am willing. Just think of the respect my boys will have for me and they will have a reason to hunt! My husband will want to have me committed. Honey, there will always be frozen pizza in the freezer, right next to the frozen porcupine.


Anyone want to come over for dinner???


Crazy? Yes. Let me know what you think.






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