Cooking with Wild Game

Hellooooo out thereeeee!

Wow, what a great weekend at Pheasant Fest 2011! Where I met some of the nicest people on earth! I had a great time learning new hunting secrets and held some of the cutest puppies!

Please check back for for all my recipes that were featured at Pheasant Fest this year on the Wild Game Cooking Stage.

Big huge thanks to my dear friend Kathleen, you are the best Prep chef in the world!! I love you!

3 thoughts on “Hellooooo out thereeeee!

  1. I really wish I could have been there! I can wait to try some of your new recipes! Your recipes are always awesome!Try

  2. Wow! I’m blogging to a regular outdoor cooking icon…. The emotion that comes over me is overwhelmingTeach me to cook oh great road kill warrior!

  3. I hear that your demo’s were outstanding. MacFarlane Pheasants was very happy to help out with your demos. We look forward to work ing with you in the future. Have a super day!

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